About Kris

Kris Wilson is an animal communicator and facilitates energy healing for animals and people.

Kris is a graduate of Communication with all Life University Animal Mastery Program. A two year certification program.  She is also, an animal communication teacher for the school.

Her love for animals dates back for as long as she can remember.  She grew up with dogs and horses, leaning on them for friendship, love and connection.  She didn’t realize she was naturally communicating with them.  She didn’t realize she was naturally doing energy work on them.  Yet, she had an idea that they were certainly healing her.

There came a point when she KNEW she had to work with animals, EVERY DAY.  Grooming was her introduction to being with animals every day.  Helping animals feel and look better was her entry level gift to this beautiful world.  She started Happy Tails Mobile Pet Salon.  She has had that business since 2009 and has helped 1000’s of animals.  By growing deeper with her animal clients and their humans, she knew she wanted to help on a soul level.