Animal Communication

How does Kris communicate with animals? Telepathy, Its the transferring of pictures, feelings and words.  Like any talent or skill you have to practice.  Most people shut it off as children because they have been told otherwise. Or, you are on some level and don’t realize it.  It takes practice, practice, practice.   Its how all animals communicate and with body language.

Animal Communication can help you get insight on what your animal is thinking and feeling. Being heard from the animal can shift behavior and deepen the relationship. Kris can help you with your questions. Kris can tell you if your animal is happy, why is my animal sad or depressed? Why is my animal aggressive?  Why are my animals not getting along? I just got my animal, can you tell me about his or her past?  Is my animal ready to transition? Is my animal in pain? Etc. She is also, a medical intuitive and will do a medical scan on your animal.


30 minutes session: $65.00                                                                                                        60 minutes session: $115.00

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Energy Healing - Scalar Wave

Kris offers Scalar Wave for animals and people. Scalar Wave was developed by  scientist, Dr Valerie Hunt.  She did research on the human energy fields and energy system. 


Kris will facilitate and run energy and clear the chakras, spin and balance them.  Then she brings in the Scalar Wave, a standing wave of energy that brakes up the chaotic pattern of chaos energy (disease).


Some of the conditions it helps with include, kidney disease, horses with colic, lameness, dermatitis, pain, founder in horses, immune system, no appetite, arthritis, Kris has brought down numbers for people with diabetes, easing transition of death and dying.  It is very relaxing to the nervous system.


30 minutes session: $65.00                                                                                                        60 minutes sessions: $115.00

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Kris offers EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for you and your animals.  It is a healing method that quiets the nervous system and starts emotional healing.  You use your fingers on the acupressure points of the meridian system of the body.   

You can also air tap on head shy animals or use a surrogate.  It helps with consuming emotions and feelings.  Some of the conditions it helps with are, separation anxiety, aggression, barking, crying, trauma, loud noises, a shy animal, etc.


60 minutes session (includes animal communication): $115.00                                      Package of 3 (each session no more than one week apart): $255.00