Amazing and accurate session for my little Momo. He is at the end of his life stage and Kris gave me incredible insight on how to move forward . Thank you . Momo thanks you too. Nicole


Kris is the best! I used her service for a very sick dog and she nailed many things about her that she would have never known. I felt blessed she connected to her and reassured me she had a happy life. To me that meant everything <3 Wendy P


Thank you so much for the energy healing, I am so happy, I started crying when the doctor told me he is emptying his bladder more than he expected. So amazing! Jennifer D

Great resource for getting to know your pets!  I couldn’t believe the accuracy of the information she was relaying back to me.  I asked for a medical scan and was able to identify and confirm the issue with the vet.  A few days before the reading, I added a toy to my horses stall.  To my complete surprise, she told me my horse thanked me for the “red apple” toy I put in his stall.  I absolutely could not believe she identified the exact toy and color.  She completely nailed his personality and told me what my horse thinks of me.  She had a few things to tell me that was also new info, some of his likes and dislikes.  I enjoyed the communication so much I scheduled 4 more with her on all my different animals.  Dogs, Cats and Horses.  I asked her to give a message to my animal about a behavior he was struggling with and that behavior is completely gone 2 weeks later.  Could not recommend her enough.  I was referred to her by another person who boards their horse at the same place as mine.  She came highly recommend and did not disappoint!      Nicole B

Alice & Star

Kris gave incredible readings on my pets. There were things that no one knew that she touched on. We came across some humorous things also. I highly recommend Kris if you are wanting some insight on your pets.


Just wanted to give you a grateful update! We haven’t observed Chocky rubbing her neck AT ALL, and her tail is straight again! Its really hard to get photos they are such space invaders, but Kris, this is really wonderful. Before when I would rub the base of her neck she would reaaally lean into it, today she just wanted scratches everywhere. I am so thankful and amazed with energy healing! Sue Z